Welcome to Our Provisionals!

unnamedThe Junior League of Charlottesville would LOVE to welcome our new Provisional class! At the Provisional Welcome social we asked “What are you most excited about in the Junior League?” The responses we got indicated two main sources of excitement: make new friends/meet new people, and volunteer/give back to the community. Over the course of the night, we overheard professional connections being made, hometown connections, recommendations given for housing, entertainment etc, and many phone numbers being exchanged. Several Provisional members also came out to the Carter’s Mountain Social just two days later.

Here are some quotes from provisionals on why they joined the Junior League:

“I am so excited to meet wonderful women who can help me get involved in the Charlottesville community!” — Becky Pilipowsky

“Networking, making new friends, and volunteering!” — Clareen Eberly
“Meeting new people and getting involved in the community” — Kayla
“To volunteer and give time back to the community” — Melissa Harris

We are so excited to welcome these ladies to our League, and cannot wait to meet them all! Please welcome them the next time you see a new face around!


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