Catching up at Carter Mountain

Special Guest Post from Morgan Hembarsky, Meetings & Events Vice-Chair


Sunset from Carter’s Mountain

The meetings and events committee held a social at the Carter Mountain Orchard sunset series. We had variety of people come out: provisionals, first year actives, older actives, babies, husbands, and dogs. It was great to meet the significant others that support the strong women in the JLC. With peach cider in hand, we were able to catch up on life events


JLC Members enjoy a gorgeous view and good company, along with Knox, furry companion to Membership VP Sarah Wyland.

that occurred this summer including weddings, moves, and vacations. We also enjoyed all the adorable puppy watching and petting that we could manage. It was a relaxing and beautiful way to wind down a work day. Seriously, you can’t beat that view! Thank you to everyone that came out; it was great to see familiar faces and meet new people. We hope to plan another one soon!




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