Blog Mini-Training: The 27 best practices of high-performing volunteer organizations

The AJLI website is filled with useful articles on topics that include non-profit management, volunteer retention, leadership development, and impactful investing. This article, by Max Ditkoff, originally appeared in the Huffington Post on February 6, 2013. It is filled with tips for JLC leaders and volunteers to maximize their performance and member satisfaction. Check it out here! How do you think we as a League are doing with these best practices? Any tips we can incorporate into our operations?


3 thoughts on “Blog Mini-Training: The 27 best practices of high-performing volunteer organizations

  1. I think this article makes a lot of good points. I especially like #25 about conducting exit interviews. If we’re not already doing that, I think we could learn a lot from the women that leave us, no matter what their reasons for leaving are.

    I think the JLC does a lot of these really well already: #12, #14, #18, #22 (I’m personally really good at that one :))

  2. I agree with Clay’s point about #25. I think I have heard that we do this and if that is the case, I hope that the feedback those people get from exit interviews is being evaluated and used to shape future interactions.

    I think we do a great job with most of these but #3, 4, and 14 stood out to me as things we do well.

    I can see #5 and 17 being our biggest challenge because I have personally seen girls enter the league and immediately leave. The expectations are definitely clear but maybe there’s just too much at one time and they realize it wasn’t what they thought. I chose 17 as a place of improvement because sometimes I have been in that position where I felt like I had to attend something even though I was feeling completely overwhelmed and couldn’t say no because I didn’t want to receive a fine or it was too late to cancel. I realize there has to be some accountability so I don’t know if there even is a better solution to this.. maybe instead of fines, extra PIAD hours to be done at a time best for you?

  3. I agree with Clay about #25. I had heard once that we do these and hope that the information gained during those interviews is being utilized to help shape future interactions within the league.

    Personally I think we do well with all of these points especially #s 3, 4, and 14.

    The areas I think we could improve on are #17 and #5. I personally have seen a few people, especially provisionals drop out because it just becomes too much. While we do a great job of stating expectations, I think it sometimes can just be too much at first and then you get fined or penalized for missing something so it becomes hard to communicate that you are overwhelmed. One suggestion may be instead of being fined for something, people could get “charged” with extra PIAD hours that they can do on their own time. Just a suggestion 🙂

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