Boys & Girls Club Cycle Challenge

*Special guest post by Jordan Hargrave 

  In mid-September, League members had the exciting opportunity to volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club Cycling Challenge in beautiful Crozet. The Cycling Challenge raises awareness and funds for the 2,000 local kids the Boys & Girls Club supports. It attracts bikers from across the state and of all levels, riding from eight to one hundred miles. Shannon Tevendale, the coordinator for the Cycling Challenge, was a pleasure to work with and was extremely grateful for the JLC’s willingness to help with the event.

Six league members arrived bright and early for a 6am-10am shift and six additional members worked from 10am-2pm. Volunteers assisted with registration and packet pickup as well as helping set up and run the after party. As many of you know, the JLC has had an ongoing relationship with the Boys & Girls Club, and this was just one additional way for members to get involved with such an awesome organization. I am hoping this will continue to be an annual PIAD for the JLC for years to come.


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